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Episode 104: Bright British Bedroom

Fiancés Alli and Neil are music lovers in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their demanding jobs and family schedules keep them busy, so they haven't had a chance to finish their master bedroom. The room has furniture that the couple spent a year picking out. But it's missing the color and style that will create a relaxing retreat. And a relaxing retreat is what this busy couple needs most.

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Projects and Sources
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Photos of the Project

Behind The Scenes:

The Finished Space:

Projects and Sources

Painting Services & Paint



  • Threshold Simple & Extraordinary Lamp Shade - White Medium
    Target · $16.99 · Website
  • Canary and Taupe New Peony Outdoor Fabric
    Hancock Fabrics · $18.95/yd · Website
    Applied to the shades as shown in the episode.

Window Treatments

  • Hugad Black Curtain Rod
    IKEA · $3.99 · Website
  • Betydlig Black Wall Bracket
    IKEA · $1.49 · Website
  • Raffig Black Finial
    IKEA · $1.99 · Website
  • Ritva White Curtains
    IKEA · $24.99 · Website
    Hand-painted as shown in the episode.
  • 2" Vinyl Blinds, White
    Target · $14.99 · Website

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Establishing a color scheme

This makeover involved a vaulted room with windows on just one wall. To give interest to the room and highlight the vaulted ceiling, we accent wall. While Alli had reservations about putting another accent wall into her house, it served a purpose in this bedroom. Frolic provided a much-needed injection of life, while Analytical Gray and crisp white trim kept the room feeling clean and uncluttered.

CertaPro Painters® handled this multi-color scheme, carefully preparing surfaces for a durable finish. We used Harmony® Interior Acrylic Latex paint, a zero VOC formula that helps reduce common indoor odors to help rooms stay fresher, longer.

Falling leaf drapes

We created hand-painted drapes that give the room a relaxing, spa-like feel. While drapes with a similar custom look can cost hundreds, ours were very affordable. Starting with white panels from IKEA, we added colorful spots. Rather than having stencils cut for us, we purchased blank stencil sheets and cut our own shapes using an X-ACTO knife. We mixed acrylic craft paint with fabric medium to prevent stiffness. We used a refillable paint pouncer to apply the paint mixture, gradually reducing the number of spots towards the bottom of the drape.

Hat tip to The Hunted Interior for inspiring this project. Be sure to check out their instructions for detailed steps.

Fabric-wrapped lamp shades

We wanted distinctive lamp shades to dress up either side of the bed, but our budget didn't allow for anything luxurious. Instead, we started with inexpensive, plain shades and gave them character with an eye-catching pattern that played well with the color scheme. We started by making a template using craft paper, which made cutting the fabric much easier. High-temperature craft glue was used to hold the edges of the fabric, and spray adhesive was used to hold the fabric tight against the shade. We tucked the fabric edge inside the drape designer lamp shades!

Hat tip to Cleverly Inspired for tips on this project. Be sure to check out their instructions for detailed steps.

Building a masterful bed

"I never buy furniture as a set. People will think I got it on sale." We're not sure who first said that, but it's certainly true. To break up the forest of mahogany furniture in Alli and Neil's bedroom, we decided to ditch the headboard in favor of an upholstered bed. Chris designed this piece (part of our furniture collection at Roger + Chris) to provide a classic style with modern practicality. The fabric is a solution-dyed performance textile that is durable, fade proof, and stain proof - it can even be scrubbed down with a bleach solution.

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